New Zygor Guide Viewer Feature: Guide Reviews

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Today we’re introducing a new feature that will give users more ways to provide feedback on our guides which in turn will allow us to improve the quality of the guides themselves. There are now so many guides across the various versions of the game that when changes are made to the game that impact these guides it can take a while to identify the issues. Also, while we always strive to create the best guides, sometimes there are things community members notice that we can improve on.

For these reasons we’re introducing a new built in Guide Reviews feature. Now, when your reach the end of any guide, you see a prompt to give that guide a rating. You’ll be presented with three choices, presented in a fun way with Zygor the Gnome’s facial expressions which denote whether the guide is Good, Mixed (Needs Improvement), or Bad. This provides a quick way to rate the guide, but if you’d like to provide even more feedback, there’s also an input box to describe your thoughts in more detail. This part is optional, but the more information we have the easier it will be for to fix any issues you encounter.

When you exit the game, Guide Reviews can be uploaded to us through the Guide Feedback component of the Zygor Guides client. See Options / Guide Feedback to manage your various guide feedback.

You should see this update rolling out to all versions today.

Zygor 2022 Customer Feedback Survey Giveaway Winners!

by (2 months ago).

First, we’d like to thank everyone who participated in our 2022 Customer Feedback Survey. Everyone who completed it was entered to win one of six prizes. Here is the list of winners:

Rostyslav K. – 1 Year of Zygor Elite
Greg R. – 60 Days WoW Game Time
Steven M. – WoW Store Mount of Choice
Robert C. – WoW Store Transmog of Choice
Nicole B. – WoW Store Pet of Choice
Cassidy F. – WoW Store Toy of Choice

All winners have been contacted by email with instructions on redeeming their prizes. If you believe you may have won but weren’t contacted, please reach out to customer support.

Zygor Guides Is Looking For More Guide Writers To Join The Team

by (2 months ago).

We are once again looking for new guide writers to join the Zygor Guides team. This will involve creating new guides of all types (Leveling, Dailies, Dungeons, Professions, Collectibles, ect.) and for all versions of the game (Retail, Classic and TBC).

The key qualities we’re looking for are people with vast knowledge of the game, sharp attention to detail, and the ability to figure out how to do things in the game in an optimized manner.

This is a remote position open to anyone in the United States. You will be able to work from home but will be required to provide all your own computer equipment needed to run the game and related guide writing tools.

If you make it past the interview stage there is an initial training period where we will test your skills on optimization and basic guide syntax. You will be paid during this time. Pay starts at minimum wage with the opportunity for quick advancement to $10-$12 once out of the training period. We also offer fully employer paid benefits for health, dental, and vision.

If this is an opportunity you would be interested in you can apply here.

Zygor’s TBC Classic Fury of the Sunwell Update Now Available

by (3 months ago).

A new update is available (Ver.2.1.26918) for the TBC Classic version of the guides that adds in new content for Phase 5. You can find the new content in the following sections:

Leveling / Isle of Quel’danas
Dungeons / Magisters’ Terrace

This update is available to all Zygor Elite members. If you’re not yet an Elite member you can sign up here.