Zygor Updates For The Week of August 13th, 2019

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A new update (Version 7.0.20702) is now available.

What’s New

Rewrote several older guides to be the same quality as newer guides.


Made several improvements and tweaks to assorted Profession guides.


Rewrote the Iron Starlette guide.

What’s Next:

WoW Classic is just a couple weeks away and we’ve been getting several questions about our release plans. First, the new Classic guides will be available BEFORE the game goes live. This is in response to questions about the game going live for some regions on the 26th. The guides will be available for download well in advance of the servers going live.

Our launch phase will likely begin Friday, August 23rd, and will feature several promotional videos and announcements to go over the content and features that will be available on day one, with the official release going live soon after.

There will also be a Free Trial available that will include starter guides for all races and likely at least one shared main level guide as well. If you have any other questions leave them in the comments and we’ll answer them below.

Zygor Updates For The Week of August 6th, 2019

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A new update (Version 7.0.20679) is now available.

What’s New

General fixes and improvements to some older guides.
Removed some quests marked obsolete by Blizzard.
Added Sparkqueen P’Emp guide to Points of Interest

Updated location of NPC for a Nazajatar World Quest (Plug the Geysers)

Updated Engineering 1-300 guides to use a better method from 50-75.

Fixed Wintersaber Training step requiring player to collect an unnecessary material.

Added 2 new achievements guides and reworked some guides to improve structure.

For the full detailed list of changes see our changelog.

What’s Next:

It looks like Patch 8.2.5 is going to hit the Public Test Realm next week or the following week, which will be a focus when it goes up. We’re also gearing up for the launch of our WoW: Classic guides!

The rest are the things mentioned in last weeks post.

Zygor Updates For The Week of July 30th, 2019

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A new update (Version 7.0.20653) is now available.

What’s New

Gear Advisor: Eternal Palace mythic and lfr data.

Updated POI Rares

Added several new Blueprint guides.

Added World quests -Polished world quests.  Added the “Supplies from the Rustbolt Resistance” emissary quest.
Updated Mechagon Dailies – Updated the objective location for the quest “Off-the-Books Brawlin'”
Updated Nazjatar World Quests – Updated runelocked chest quantities.

Added 33 battle pet guides (Patch 8.2)

Added guides for The Unfathomable, The Unshackled,  Sunken Ambitions, Waveblade Ankoan, and Malowned

For the full detailed list of changes see our changelog.

What’s Next:

We received a lot of good feedback and suggestions from our 2019 Customer Survey and we are in the process of making changes to address what we learned from the survey.

It looks like Patch 8.2.5 is going to hit the Public Test Realm soon so we will be prioritizing updating anything needed for that when it goes up.

Legion Order Hall guides were reported as needing major overhauls so we’re in the beginning stages of this process, which is an extensive task as it requires having new characters of every class to be able to update the guides with.

We’re working on adding in all missing major 8.2 Battle Pets and Achievements.

2019 Customer Survey Sylverian Dreamer Mount Winners

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Thanks to everyone who completed our 2019 Customer Survey. Here are the winners of the Sylverian Dreamer Mount contest:

Respondant #20
MCCALLISTER LA RITA (“snickers110”)

Respondant #165
Manuel (“diaboliko”)

Respondant #27
Trevor (“trevorhughan83”)

We will be reaching out to these individuals by email with instructions on how to claim your prizes. If you didn’t win, be sure to stay tuned to our emails for future contest announcements.

The Eternal Palace Raid Guide Now Available!

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A new update (Version 7.0.20528)  is now rolling out to all Zygor Elite customers and includes a new guide for The Eternal Palace raid, fixes for World Quest coordinates, and more. You can view the full list of changes over on our Changelog page.

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