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User Manual

Gear Finder

Dungeon and Gear guide also includes a separate component of the addon called the Gear Finder. To access it, pull up the Character Info panel by pressing "C", and click the Gear Finder tab at the bottom of the frame. For Classic, click the "Z" icon in the upper right corner.

gear finder

As soon as you open this tab the Gear Finder will automatically scan your character and generate a list of available upgrades for each of your available slots. If you hover over a particular item a orange button will appear that when hovered over will show you how that item is obtained.

To load the dungeon guide for acquiring that item simply click the orange button and the proper guide will be loaded.

gear finder

At the top of the Gear Finder you will find an entry called Best Dungeon. This is the dungeon that has the most upgrades in it.