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User Manual

Travel System

The Travel System is an extremely useful feature that works kind of like a World of Warcraft GPS by dynamically calculating the fastest path from your current location to your intended destination.

The Travel System takes into account the various routes and methods of travel available to you and will then display this information below the arrow, updating itself with additional directions along the way until you've arrived at your destination. This includes mounts, flight paths, portals, your hearthstone, teleporting spells, and more.


By right clicking the arrow you can bring up a more detailed info pane that will show you the complete set of directions. Here you can also choose to re-check the route, change your travel preferences, or disable the Travel System entirely if you wish (not recommended).

The Travel System can be configured to favor your preferred methods of travel. By default it is set to find the fastest route possible, using every trick at its disposal, but you can also configure it to not include special items like the hearthstone, or to favor using flightpoints over manual flying. You can find these settings in the Options under Navigation - Travel System.


One other helpful aspect of the Travel System is that it is intergrated into the in game taxi service. Whenever you use flightpoints, our Travel System will highlight the location you need to fly to on the flight masters map. You can speed up the process by enabling the option to"Take flights automatically", which will immmediately select the correct location and begin flying there as soon as you talk to a flight master. You can enable this in Options under Navigation - Travel System - Take flights automatically.