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User Manual

Professions and Achievements

Professions remain the absolute best way to make gold in the game. While leveling we recommend only picking gathering professions. These can be leveled up while you're out questing. Once you hit level 90 you can then train in a Crafting profession. If you plan to go this route we would recommend choosing a gathering profession that compliments whatever crafting profession you intended to train later.

Our Profession guides work similiar to our Leveling guides in some ways, such as pointing you where to go, telling you what to do, and tracking your progress, but they follow a different pattern:

Gathering Professions

With Gathering Professions you will typically be sent to a zone that is high in the type of items you need to gather. The guide will then place an ant trail farming route on your map and the arrow will lead you around this trail having you gather items as you move around. When you begin to reach the gap for your current rank you will be sent back to town to train up and then to another area to continue increasing your skill.

gear finder

Crafting Professions

Our Crafting guides on the other hand follow a different pattern. First they will have you gather up a list of ingredients to create a series of items. You will have the option of buying these ingredients from the Auction House or farming them yourself. If you choose the latter the guide will route to a section similar to how our Gathering guides work, leading you on a farming path to collect the items. Once you have the ingredients you will create specific items intended to power level you up as quickly as possible.


The Achievements portion of our guide can be accessed in two ways: The achievements section of the Zygor menu, where you can browse all the different achievement guides, or from the Achievements Panel (press "Y"), where little "Z" icons are placed over all the achievements we have guides for that when clicked will load the guide for obtaining that achievement.

gear finder

Most achievements work very similiar to our Leveling Guides, instructing you where to go, who to talk to, and what actions to perform to earn the achievement.