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User Manual

World Quest Planner

The World Quest Planner is a part of the Zygor Guide Viewer menu system and is intended to help you decide which World Quests to do based on the the rewards and reputation they provide. By default, the World Quest planner will appear as a custom window frame next to the minimized map whenever you are viewing a zone that has World Quests available in it. This frame will display all the important details for each of the available world quests organized into columns. Here is an overview of what each column displays:

world quest planner

The Name Column
The name column displays the the name of the World Quest and an icon representing its type, which can be regular, pvp, dungeon, raid, invasion, profession, or pet battle types.

The Rewards Column
The rewards column displays icons and counts of all the rewards each world quest will earn you.

The Faction Column
The faction column display what reputation you will earn with each faction by completing each world quest.

The Time Column
The time column displays how much time is left to complete each World Quest before it is no longer available. When world quests are very close to expiring the time will turn yellow (you need to hurry) or red (only attempt if you're within close distance).

The Zone Column
The zone column displays what zone the World Quest is found in.

When you find a World Quest you're interested in completing simply click on it in the list. A notification should appear in the Notification Center asking if you'd like to load the guide for that World Quest in the Guide Viewer. Once you had a World Quest tab open you can then freely select any World Quest to swap it into the Guide Viewer.

Custom World Quest Guides

In addition to being able to load single World Quest guides you can also mix and match and create your own custom "playlist" of guides. Here's how it works. Using the checkboxes that appear on the far left of the World Quest Planner, click the boxes to check which World Quests you'd like to do. Once you have all the World Quests checked, click the orange button at the bottom of the World Quest Planner to send the custom list of quests to the Guide Viewer. A custom guide will be created and it will lead you through all of the ones you selected in the most optimum order using the Travel System.


You can use the 3 filter drop downs at the top to narrow down the list by World Quest Type, Reward Type, and Reputation Faction.